Blue Flower

Come Share Your Testimony

You may have heard his name before, but in-case you haven't here is a few names He goes by,

The Alpha and Omega, The King of Kings, True Light, Bread of Life, I AM, Immanuel, Rock, King of the Jews, Light of the world, Messiah, Cornerstone, Root of David, Word of God, Prince of life, Savior, Jesus, 


This site provides a way for all of us to:

Instantly share your Testimony for others to be inspired.

Share your Praises to our Lord for all the good things He has done for you.

We also encourage you to share your Prayer requests so that as His church we can come together and pray for one another.  The power of prayer is like no other!

We will not require you to give us references so we can verify your precious memories like other sites.  We will not call anyone to verify that you have been saved.

Your testimony is always yours and you can remove it from here anytime you like because that is yours and we do not own that.  We may however feature your testimony on this site so others can find it easier (like on each side of this page).  We will not try to make money by lending or selling your testimonies, prayers, etc.

This site is for all of us who believe in our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

We follow Him and that is all we should need to say to let you know our stance on privacy smile.